Thursday, February 28, 2008

cold cold day

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so, i woke up to a wind chill of 9 and the low for tonight is projected to be 11 which may mean a windchill of below zero – ah, february. ah, new england.

we have a parent’s breakfast at jack’s preschool tomorrow morning. this is the first one in over a year – should be interesting – i will report back 🙂

potty training is SO SLOW – parents out there – give me strength!


Tuesday, February 26, 2008

spring – around the corner

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i can feel it! jack is going stir crazy! spring is coming. we made our march calendar last night – highlighting aunt kathy’s birthday, st. patrick’s day, and easter! so many fun days in one little month. i want to rake and dig and plant, plant, plant!


Monday, February 25, 2008

catching up

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i love daniel day lewis and the coen brothers. i foresee a day in the future – when i will watch movies at the movie theater… and my top choice would probably be juno. in the meantime…life goes on…we watched spirit: stallion of the cimarron for friday night movie night – we loved it – lots of scary parts – so many that i had to sneak away to the kitchen to avoid watching spirit being broken by all those men. and on saturday sneak a movie while jack naps – we finished up eragon – what a beautiful dragon. next in our que – beowulf and lilo and stitch.

in other exciting news – we have started a jack’s super star chart – a jack potty chart. so far, so good – about 2-3 stars per day and his favorite color for stars — pink glitter 🙂 whatever it takes. i can tell that this is going to take quite awhile.

we did nothing this past weekend – i’m still recovering and we dug ourselves out of the 7-10 inches of snow we received on friday.


plans for the coming weekend – shopping at wrentham with cindy; brunch at the beehive with becca.

oh, i did purchase tickets for the big apple circus over the weekend – we are very excited – even though it doesn’t look very scary.

one day soon ernesto will post some photos to accompany my text – he is very busy with his class 🙂

Friday, February 22, 2008

Jack’s third birthday

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Jack’s birthday was a bit of a blur. By that time, my fever had kicked in and I was experiencing a bit of  delirium. We did not go out to lunch as we had planned. I made a cake (from a mix!) and he opened presents from aunt kathy (fun stuff!), grandma romy (great books on cd), and lots of horsey stuff from aunt b – super crazy – see here. jack puts these on and runs around the house pretending to be some wild little pony – hilarious.

jack’s bday party – i missed it – i was upstairs in my bed with a fever of almost 104. lots of kids and parents came to the house, made treasure chests and pirate flags, ate pizza, ate blue pirate cake and icecream, ran around on a sugar high, crashed, and left. jack had a blast. the cake was beautiful! and delicious and i was very sad to have missed the party! cindy, lou, and albert pitched in and helped ernesto manage the craziness of kids, stickers, glue, food, and parents.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Valentine’s day

valentines.jpgvalentines.jpg valentines.jpg

I realize that I am many days off. But, bear with me as I catch up! It feels as if I have lost a week of my life!

Valentine’s day: we drop Jack off at daycare and decide to go low-key for lunch. my cold has already hit and my tastebuds are shot. after shopping for supplies for jack’s birthday at Pearl Art and Supply in central square, we head to harvard square and split a fayerweather sandwich at darwin’s. i trust ernesto when he says it is delicious. i can taste the great tea cookies we devour at hi-rise after lunch.

picking jack up in the afternoon – crazy sugar rush at preschool – brownies, cupcakes, cookies, candy, and valentines. we get him out of there quickly

over to jp for takeout indian food at bukhara and some rogue mocha porter (YUM!). home to eat it and exchange v-day gifts. our tradition – nesti gets pjs, jack gets books and i get jewelry 😉

this year – pjs for dad and sherman alexie’s new book – The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-time Indian. jack also got pjs and two books: Don’t Forget I Love You and Mama, How Long Will You Love Me? i got a very cool necklace and some nice earrings. yes, i love etsy.

Monday, February 18, 2008

new england flu

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we’ve been sick sick sick – and so has the rest of new england. lots to post and catch up on. just beginning to crawl downstairs to the computer.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

weird wednesday

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jack and i stayed home today. i’m sick; he’s recovering. and it was a good day to stay home – it was a yucky day outside – rainy and cold all day long. we made no-bake cookies and played with tinker toys. i can’t believe it’s only wednesday – it’s been a hellish week with jack sick, me sick, little to no sleep for almost a week now. tomorrow is valentine’s day, friday is jack’s bday, and saturday is jack’s bday pirate party – so much to do and so little time. ah, parenting. luckily, e and i are on vacation from now until wednesday.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

un triiio

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mary’s photo – marie’s tree in the crazy snow windstorm – a view from our window

ernesto’s photo – clovis on the back deck – the son (?) of ginger – the feral cat we feed – also related to karate

jack’s photo – dad in the living room; sword on the coffee table

Monday, February 11, 2008

monday sick day

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yesterday – 1220pm – jack at the dr.’s office – temp of 97 degrees

this morning – 2am – jack in bed – temp of 102 degrees

jack stays home and watches tv, reads fairy tales, eats strawberries and goldfish

yesterday was the most amazing snow wind storm I have ever witnessed – included thunder and lightning – great photos to be published soon…

Saturday, February 9, 2008

winter weekends

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so, most of the kids at jack’s preschool were out sick this week with a cold and lo and behold…jack woke up with a low-grade fever, cough, and runny nose this morning. yes, this is the circular life we lead – one weekend with cold one without — I’m hoping that this means he will NOT have a cold next weekend – his birthday party.

no bread and puppets today and perhaps no chuck e. cheese’s in burlington tomorrow. however, I will be having coffee/tea with another adult tomorrow!

yesterday was great! started the morning with an 8am Mass Inc session at the Park Plaza – workforce development – Suzanne Bump was very impressive. great to see stephanie and gretchen. on our way out, gretchen and I peeked into the ballroom dancing event – what inspiration to be competing at 8am – sequins, mirrorballs, and all. went from the park plaza straight to the state house – passing the nu flag at the president’s house on the way (wonderful to see that!). it was my first time inside the state house (!) and the event i was attending was in the great hall of flags – extremely inspirational.  it was an event for one family scholars and it was great to meet some of the scholars!

 friday night movie night was hunchback of notre dame and it was very scary- ah the catholic church and the gypsies. now to fit in eragon…jack is on the verge of learning to read – has truly started recognizing words – oh…i guess that is reading…

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