Saturday, February 9, 2008

winter weekends

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so, most of the kids at jack’s preschool were out sick this week with a cold and lo and behold…jack woke up with a low-grade fever, cough, and runny nose this morning. yes, this is the circular life we lead – one weekend with cold one without — I’m hoping that this means he will NOT have a cold next weekend – his birthday party.

no bread and puppets today and perhaps no chuck e. cheese’s in burlington tomorrow. however, I will be having coffee/tea with another adult tomorrow!

yesterday was great! started the morning with an 8am Mass Inc session at the Park Plaza – workforce development – Suzanne Bump was very impressive. great to see stephanie and gretchen. on our way out, gretchen and I peeked into the ballroom dancing event – what inspiration to be competing at 8am – sequins, mirrorballs, and all. went from the park plaza straight to the state house – passing the nu flag at the president’s house on the way (wonderful to see that!). it was my first time inside the state house (!) and the event i was attending was in the great hall of flags – extremely inspirational.  it was an event for one family scholars and it was great to meet some of the scholars!

 friday night movie night was hunchback of notre dame and it was very scary- ah the catholic church and the gypsies. now to fit in eragon…jack is on the verge of learning to read – has truly started recognizing words – oh…i guess that is reading…


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