Saturday, March 1, 2008

spring – where are you?

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last night was lilo and stitch – jack identified with both characters – scary 🙂 his newest obsession is ‘doing plastics’ –he received two read-and-play sticker books from aunt b – The Barnyard and The Horse Farm. These are basically super-duper advanced sticker books for kids with reusable vinyl stickers. HE LOVES THEM! he and daddy play with them almost every evening and he creates complex scenarios with all of the stickers – fascinating for someone who used to conduct play therapy sessions with 3-year-olds.

This is the Cover.

this morning’s episode of peep was about SPRING! we love peep almost as much as we love caillou. and then cindy and i drove to the shopping mall in wrentham and in a blizzard which promptly turned to rain. it was empty. it was great. the clothes in the stores were weird – i feel like i’m getting conservative or old or both – hard to find things i could wear to work.

Peep looking in

someone i know is engaged  or rather two people we know are engaged to one another – congratulations! i’m not supposed to tell – so, email me offline and i’ll confirm your guess without getting into too much trouble. 🙂 it is a lovely bit of pre-spring news.

i picked up this cake pan today and I will attempt to make a 3d coconut bunny cake for easter.

luckily cindy gave me this lovely cake stand for christmas and I’m trying to use it as much as I can!

Rococo Noir

spring – not soon enough. spring forward – next weekend!


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