Sunday, March 9, 2008

weekends in the city: sundays

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friday – met gretchen at flour for celebratory pots of tea with accompanying poptart – sun shone through the windows – almost spring. friday night movie night – NOT aristocats…daddy brought tarzan home from work — and tarzan it was – i cried when clayton killed kerchak and had to leave the room – don’t ask!

saturday was filled with a torrential downpour and repeated visits to the basement to check for signs of water – not quite the noah’s ark flood they predicted but enough to keep us in the house and away from alex the jester (sad face). jack took a very short nap and we watched 2/3rds of beowulf – hmmmm. it reminded me that when i read beowulf in high school it absolutely terrified me – primal rage, war, etc.

sunday – up early to watch peep (which we also watched on saturday) first part – fog – very fun; second part – mud – even more fun. mud always reminds me of my sister and mud pies on the back ‘patio’ at our house on delmar drive. our soil was pure clay and we threw some black dirt on top of it and grew things – amazing. we left early in the morning and went to the children’s museum. it was cold and windy and COLD(!) but bright and sunny and almost spring. we ran into three kids from jack’s preschool at the museum  – three of his ‘buddies’ and we did make it to the Keeping the Fire in the Dark Moon Times show – co-sponsored by the Peabody Essex Museum.


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