Tuesday, July 1, 2008

DC Dolls

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Friday, March 7, 2008

weekends in the city

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up at 4am – gotta love spring:) breakfast meeting with gretchen at flour first thing this am! yes, flour is our second home.

friday night movie night -it’s a toss-up. jack did not want to return lilo and stitch – so, no new netflix dvd this week (beowulf is still waiting patiently for a viewing). we have a copy of the aristocats that it is a yet to be opened birthday gift and we have some movies from my coworker – animated charlotte’s web and the piglet movie. i’m lobbying for the aristocats.

saturday – we are trying to talk jack into alex the jester at coolidge corner – he watched the video and loved it except for the ‘eye part’. he is really into slapstick and goofy, over-the-top gag jokes these days – part of why he loved lilo and stitch.

sunday – Keeping the Fire in the Dark Moon Times at the children’s museum – a Native American dance/music/etc extravaganza. we haven’t been to the children’s museum in a very long time and there just happens to be a second flour about a block away 🙂

however, if the weather is – i’m game for lots of yard work and a trip to titus sparrow park – jack’s favorite playground.

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